Welcome to Week#1 here at Travelbridges - the first Worldbridges site to go online.  After months of vague ramblings to family, friends, and strangers about this vast network of broadcasting internet sites I hoped to create, it is exciting to finally start building.  
    I am especially pleased to begin this journey here on Khao San Road in Thailand.  Not only have I developed a lasting affection for the Thai people and culture, but in many ways, this society is a good example of what Worldbridges is about - an enjoyment and tolerance of cultural differences, a spirit of fun and cooperation, and an appreciation for its role as a world citizen. 
   We are still very much in the early stages of building, so there will no doubt be a lot of trial and error, with both the technology of building the site and with organization of building the economic sytem that will create a sustainable venture.  Of course, the most valuable part of a journey is often the challenges we have to overcome along the way.   Any feedback, questions, or suggestions you have are very welcome.  Please send them to [email protected]   

Fiberoptically Yours,
Jeff Lebow