Bangkok Guide
Oh sure, there's plenty of pollution, traffic, noise, and flooding, but it's all part of what makes Bangkok so 'Amazing'!  If you can put up with some of the urban discomforts, Bangkok is a city well worth exploring.  Quite modern and cosmopolitan, it has still maintained its unique cultural flavor and rhythm.  Here are some of the spots we checked out during our recent visit.
bul1_gre.gifKhao San Road

The world's greatest hub of 
backpacker activity.
bul1_org.gifSukhimvit Road

Shopping, international dining,
luxury hotels and a few surprises.
bul1_yel.gifSilom Road

More shopping, more hotels, more 
dining and  a very notorious soi.
bul1_sky.gifChatuchak Weekend Market

If there is a bigger flea market 
in the world, I haven't seen it.

Computer geek heaven -
Thai Style
bul1_org.gifBope Wholesale Market

If you're looking for discount
clothes shopping, this is the place.
bul1_yel.gifWorld Trade Center

A large shopping complex, with lots
of stores, fast food, and even an 
ice skating rink.
bul1_sky.gifThai-Chinese Dragon Festival

Thais like to celebrate-
three New Years and countless 
other holidays, festivals and parties.
Here's one that we came across.